We helped the leading automotive supplier to pivot from a linear thinking and recognize that their market was not as stable as they believed and that their strategy had to be as dynamic as the future was uncertain.


Looking to set a 5 year plan, a leading player in the automotive space looked to better understand how technology, regulations and demand could change the nature of the industry and investments.


Initially believing that the demand for combustion automobiles was stable, the executive team planned for a linear future. Through the Stratalis Strategic Scenarios process, the team determined that the impact of emerging markets, shifts in regulatory power, technologies and consumer demand would lead to new business models that would ultimately change the industry and their position within it.


As a result of the work, the company was able to define two new and unique strategic choices; greater investment in new technologies or the taking of mature market profits. In addition, the company did something unique for a market leader; it explored an exit strategy and defined the clear signposts, metrics and hurdles that would signal when to execute it.