A leading resources company faced an uncertain future.  Their current operating model was not sustainable and traditional operational improvement approaches did not deliver the scale of change they required.  Technology development industry wide was behind other industries, so there were no immediately available solutions.  The client needed a step change in profitability through a new operating model based on technology to be developed with partner companies and borrowed from other industries.  So they asked Stratalis for help.



The team started by defining the challenges in the company’s existing operating model.  This was a process not just of mapping out the operations as a complete system, but also using industrial ethnography to understand the inherent limitations and uncover potential opportunities.   Studying the challenges allowed for a multi-staged approach.  There were opportunities for the client to make some immediate changes that would improve profitability now, while also building to a long term vision of redesigned operations.

Buy-in throughout the company was critical, so Stratalis developed with the client an innovation mission, vision and communications plan.  Communications were key to involving individuals from throughout the company in the innovation process from ideation, through to implementation.

In order to develop solutions Stratalis led a number of innovation sessions.  These ranged from round table meetings to discuss technology implementation to large open innovation sessions to solve specific challenges.

Stratalis worked with the client to develop a multi-staged innovation roadmap that linked together technology, operating methods and infrastructure that would deliver three stages of benefits and enable continuous innovation.  Realizing that the company had neither the capital, technical knowledge or competitive need own the development of these innovation, we worked with them to involve suppliers and external thought leaders to help deliver the concepts for the future.

We helped the client to define, develop and deliver the future operating model. This included:

  • Setting a vision for the future and the business case to support it.
  • Developing a mission and method for the internal innovation group.
  • Crafting a multi-stage innovation roadmap and operating “systems”.
  • Executing an innovation development program, ranging from issue identification to the use of Open Innovation and alliances to develop technology bundles.
  • Setting the stage for execution, including the development of rapid prototyping and the establishment of virtual and physical pilot programs.
  • Crafting an change management strategy, including a comprehensive communications program and technology adoption approach.


The project was successful in galvanizing the organization behind innovation as well as developing a roadmap and concepts for technology development worth over a billion dollars in value across the company portfolio.

By establishing a clear vision and innovation thinking across the organization and facilitating the development of the tools, processes and frameworks for innovation, Stratalis helped to define why and how innovation could change the way that mining was done.