Creating the conditions for businesses to excel
Corporate level strategy addresses higher order challenges of the corporate executive or business owner.  Capital and resource allocation among business units, build / buy / partner decisions and defining how and where the owners add value to subsidiaries.

The types of projects we work on at this level are: 

  • Resource allocation
  • Mergers and acquisition planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Corporate model design

Examples of our work:

Driving growth by creating a portfolio

We helped a company decide how to invest in growing a portfolio of businesses and created a structure to allow them to do so.  Our client was a one operation business seeking new opportunities to grow and the greatest opportunities existed in building a portfolio of adjacent businesses.  We created a corporate model that would allow for this independent operations with shared infrastructure, and built a strategy to deliver a short term doubling of corporate value.

Creating an acquisition strategy for growth

We helped a multinational mining client create an acquisition strategy that would support their growth aspirations.  Beyond identify and valuing acquisition options, we incorporated value and production lifecycle to provide earnings growth while providing cash for capital expenditures.  Focusing on portfolio value and overall earnings growth, expanded the target list and created unexpected opportunities to achieve the company’s goals.