External trend and future thinking to enable better planning and better decision making
Strategy is about planning for the future and the future is uncertain.  We work with clients to define trends and identify disruptions that could impact their business.  Tools like scenario planning and futurecasting enable management teams to think through and plan for these disruptions, resulting in stronger, more flexible strategies and reduced risk.

The types of projects we work on to manage uncertainty are:

  • Identifying major trends
  • Identifying possible disruptions
  • Creating future scenarios
  • Futurecasting

Examples of our work

Creating scenarios for energy

We created a scenario set for an energy company that allowed them to plan for multiple futures and be ready for changing markets.  This provided them with a framework for decision making and risk management that enabled a continued 15% year on year growth path.

Futurecasting mining

We helped a mining client create future visions of mining which guided innovation, technology development and organization design initiatives.  Through thinking through technical, societal and economic trends we created operating and business visions that set the context for designing mining for the future.