Our approach is insight driven, focused on understanding the challenges of the present and the future and creatively designing options for growth.
Traditional approaches to strategy and innovation often optimize the existing organization, rather than discover significant new opportunities.  Our approach is the basis for the way we think about business situations and challenges and it has three basic components;  reframing, creating and executing.


Assess businesses through different lenses.

Reframing is central to the inductive nature of Stratalis. It is about taking different perspectives on the issues that impact our clients and defining these issues more concretely.  Our external viewpoint is one of the most important benefits we bring to a company, allowing us to challenge mental models and identify unexpected opportunities.


Develop alternative solutions using creative techniques.

Once we have framed the challenges, we find solutions.  We can do this through ideating new products or fleshing out strategic options.  The process can take the form of an innovation program or strategic options discovery, but always with an inductive, creative approach.


Deliver quality results that can drive real change. 

Ideas and solutions are only as good as their implementation, so execution is an important component of our work.  From executing our projects to creating an execution platform for implementation, we have the tools to deliver.  Key to our success is our collaborative approach, which both enhances our solutions and improves buy-in for implementation.