We discover, develop and deliver innovation to grow your business.
We help organizations to execute on their business growth and improvement strategies through innovation in product, service, processes and business models. We believe that this requires knowledge of industry experience to guide, an outside perspective to challenge thinking and hands-on collaboration to move from idea to execution.

Our Innovation Practice helps global organizations by focusing the whole organization on TOTAL INNOVATION®; aligning from the inside and inspiring from the outside.

We align from the inside by taking a “bottom-up / top-down” approach;  aligning the capabilities and goals of the Internal Organization (those who Define the Need, Create the Ideas and Implement the Solutions; Executives, Operations and R&D).

We inspire from the outside by revealing the needs of the market (Customer Demand and Market Trends and Risks) and asking not only what is practical, but what is possible.

We have found that only when these internal capabilities and external groups are aligned that innovations can be effectively defined, developed and implemented.


Our offering includes:

  • Innovation Vision Setting: (Future Scenarios, Vision Setting, Role of Innovation in Strategy, Innovation Business Model)
  • Need Definition and Industrial Ethnography: We utilize both traditional Operational Bottleneck Analysis and unconventional “Industrial Ethnography” to uncover the deep insights and root cause challenges for Innovation and Ideation.  These allow us to determine the gaps and hurdles to overcome.
  • Idea and Concept Generation: (Ideation / Open Innovation / Internal Idea Capture)
  • Technology Scanning and Future Mapping: Landscaping existing solutions and trends in technology, society and customers.
  • Project Development: (Rapid Prototyping, Partnering & IP Strategy, Program Management)
  • Implementation and Execution: (Change Management: Communications and Stakeholder Strategy, Business and Operational Cases)
  • Creativity and Cultures: Creating the cultural mindset, tools, frameworks and processes to drive and sustain innovation and creative thinking from within.