Creating implementable strategies that allow our clients to excel in their markets
Business level strategy addresses the challenges of operating a business and competing in the market.  The strategy itself can include everything from business model design to product strategy.  We also advise CEO’s and their teams on an ongoing basis, bringing an external perspective to day to day strategic decisions.

The types of projects we work on at this level are:

  • Competition
  • Business model design
  • Product focus
  • CEO advisory

Examples of our work

Business model innovation

We worked with a CPG client to create a new business model, enabling both growth and improved returns.  Our client’s business was successful but stagnating.  Through reframing their business through customer and capabilities lenses and thinking through future disruptions, we uncovered unexpected growth paths.  These leveraged our cilents’ current capabilities but in new ways and in different product markets, to create growth opportunities far exceeding initial expectations.


War gaming for competitive positioning

We helped a chemical company design their competitive strategy through an executive war gaming exercise.  The management team struggled to understand the seemingly inconsistent actions of this competitor and the end result was a declining price trend.  In order to develop an effective strategy we simulated the market.  The exercise evealed valuable insights into the nature of the competition and the market itself, leading to new positioning, a more carefully planned strategy and stronger prices.

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