Techno-Economic Modeling for Roadmapping & Business Cases

George Hemingway of Stratalis and Kate McLaughlin of Stantec discuss Stratalis’ unique approach to TechnoEconomic modeling – a process that allows organizations to build defendable business cases around their innovation, transformation and technology roadmaps.

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Stratalis Group Sponsors the Chamber Orchestra of New York

The Stratalis Group is proud to announce their support of the Chamber Orchestra of New York, the first auditioned young professional orchestra in the history of New York. The Chamber Orchestra of New York is one of the city’s most dynamic orchestras and the New York Times has described them as “polished, rich and stirring.”…

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Hemingway to Deliver Keynote at 16th Brazilian Mining Conference

We are excited to announce that George Hemingway, Stratalis Partner and Innovation Practice Lead will be giving the opening Keynote at the Brazilian Mining Congress held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event receives over 50,000 visitors a year and is one of the premier conferences of its type in the Americas. George will be speaking…

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The Strategic Challenges Turkeys Face

In general, a Turkey’s life is pretty good. It starts out tough, with having to break out of a shell, but from then on, they have lot of food, grass to play in and the company of other Turkeys. That’s not too bad. A particularly inquisitive group of Turkey analysts, armed with Excel and a data…

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The Future

Futurecasting: The Power of Foresight – The Final in a Six Part Series

This is the final article in a series of six published in Mining Magazine. In our final article in the Futurecasting series we end as we began, with the donkey. These animals are both good way to transport material in an underground mine and completely unacceptable in todays operations. Once ubiquitous, donkeys were doomed to…

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